Anya Babbitt & Yale Zhang
“Getting There Together: Why Sharing is the Future of Transportation”
Who’s in the Driver’s Seat? The Transformation of Transportation
Tuesday, October 17th, 2017
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“My co-founder Yale and I are honored to have been selected to speak at TEDxWilmington and humbled by the list of influential and brilliant individuals who will also be speaking at the salon. The opportunity to engage, enlighten, and challenge an audience on the TEDxWilmington stage is thrilling, and we could not be more excited to contribute.

Since 2015, Yale and I have become accustomed to pitching our company, SPLT, to investors and live audiences at numerous engagements and competitions scattered across the globe. As we prepare for our upcoming TEDxWilmington talk, the process has remained the same – videotape each practice trial, improve timing and body language, consult with mentors and advisors, tweak the content, rinse and repeat. Despite our routine preparatory process, we have a different feeling this time around, likely stemming from the fact we are doing more than pitching SPLT. This time, we will be addressing some big challenges facing the future of transportation, and on a global stage.

How will cultural resistance affect our ability to create a shared economy that exists in total alignment? How can we leverage transportation platforms to expand access for everyone while enhancing the community, cities, and the environment? These are some of the challenges that lie ahead as we begin to think about the future of transportation, and they are extremely complex. Our challenge at TEDxWilmington is to tackle these questions head-on, informing the audience and providing a window into what the transformation of transportation could look like. Mobility access for all has been our company’s mission from day one, and we are so looking forward to discussing its conceivability at TEDwWilmington.”

Anya Babbitt is the Founder and CEO of Splitting Fares, Inc. (“SPLT”), an enterprise ridesharing platform changing the way people commute together. Ms. Babbitt is a marketing and brand strategist dedicated to fresh insights, authentic messaging and measurable results in sustainability

Yale Zhang is a co-founder of Splitting Fares, Inc. Prior to entering the world of entrepreneurship, Yale’s background was in transportation and logistics, focusing on the warehousing and distribution of physical goods around the United States. In his capacity as Vice President of Wintao Global, they secured multi-year software development contracts with major transportation companies including Dynamex, Datatrac, Marc Global (now a subsidiary of RedPrairie)        READ MORE

Who’s in the Driver’s Seat? The Transformation of Transportation :: Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 The Queen  MORE INFO