Ashley Berner
“No One Way to School: Educational Pluralism and Why it Matters”
TEDxWilmingtonED: Education Possible
was held on Thursday, February 9th, 2018

See Ashley’s TEDxWilmington talk here.

The TEDxWilmington tribe made the entire experience so much more relaxing and helpful than I could have imagined. Ajit’s introduction to the full-day rehearsal was the essence of reassuring; he explained that most speakers lose their way at some point, or have to drink water at another point, and that he prepares the audience to clap during these moments. What a relief! The rehearsal also brought us together in a short period of time. It is fair to say that all of us tweaked our talks in response to the questions and comments of our peers. And what a gift that the Ward family opened their home to us for a delicious meal and fellowship! Meeting some of the audience ahead of time made a big difference.

As for the event itself: wow. I love historic hotels and reveled in the HOTEL DUPONT’s old-world grandeur…. our TEDxWilmington Speaker Angel encouraged us throughout the day! People could not have been more supportive. I was a nervous wreck before my talk but was beaming uncontrollably by the end out of sheer joy at being there and finishing up. Sure enough, I DID blank out at one point during my talk– but Ajit’s reassurances and the hours of practice held, so I remembered to relax, smile, and collect my thoughts.

I can’t say enough about how supported, challenged, and honored I feel to have been part of TEDxWilmingtonED: Education Possible.

See Ashley’s TEDxWilmington talk here.

Ashley Berner is Deputy Director of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy and Assistant Professor of Education. She served previously as the Deputy Director of the CUNY Institute for Education Policy and the Co-Director of the Education Program at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, University of Virginia.  READ MORE

TEDxWilmingtonED: Education Possible // Friday, February 9th, 2018 // HOTEL DU PONT