Amy Xu
“The Power of Each Person’s Story”
TEDxYouth@Wilmington :: Agents of Change
April 2nd 2017 at Ursuline Academy

“​The experience for preparing this TEDx talk is exciting but also stressful. The exciting part is that I am actually doing this talk because I have been a fan since high school, and the process makes me realize how much this benefits me.

I was afraid to talk with people, but now I realize there is nothing to be afraidof. I was wondering and asked myself : ‘Why are you doing this TEDx talk? This is just your first year in the US.‘ I was thinking and thinking, there is no specific answer but ‘why not?’

Just like when I decided to study abroad: I am 17 which is such a young age, nothing to  lose because I haven’t got anything yet. I want to see this world instead of the world that is present in China. The world is big and there are always some intelligent and creative people around us. Through this TEDx talk event I realized most how much potential in each person can be developed. And I learn that there are so many things I need to improve or I can develop for myself.

I am grateful that I can give this talk. More importantly, I want to say to myself and the people who are stressed: There is always something that makes you stressed but that is what we grow and improve. Life is a journey, you can hate your journey on Earth or you can enjoy this journey but in the end we are all going to die. So why not enjoy it?

We will always ask the question ‘Why are we alive? What is the meaning of it?’ we ask and answer, ask and answer but get different answers in different ages. And there are no right or wrong answers, life is a dream, we all finally get old and don’t even realize how fast the time passed. Only the natural universal laws exist and keep circulating and never change.

‘I don’t know which way is better, but I know which way is more fun.’ I forgot who said this but I agree. If something is interesting, why not try it? This should be the answer of why I am doing this talk.”

Amy Xu is one of 18 speakers who will give 17 TEDx talks at the first TEDxYouth@Wilmington Conference “Agents of Change” on Sunday, April 2, 2017 between 10 am and 5 pm at the Anna Raskob Auditorium in Ursuline Academy, 1106 Pennsylvania Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19806. LEARN MORE about this Speaker.

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