Carol Spacht
“Being Betsy: Why Living History Matters”
TEDxWilmingtonSalon: Fireside
Thursday, December 21st, 2017
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Carol Spracht for TEDxWilmingtonSalon: Fireside, TEDxWilmington, TEDx, Wilmington, Delaware

Two months ago, I had never heard of TED or TEDx.  Call me backwards, and technologically out-of-touch, but I had to Google to find out what it was all about. (I’m not entirely devoid of skills, thank-you-very-much.) Like many others of a certain age, I also asked my more social-media-advanced adult children if they knew about TED. Unsurprisingly, they knew all about TED, and immediately began to tell me about their favorite TED talks, and made sure I knew where to view them.

To what can I attribute my embarrassing lack of familiarity with an obviously well-known and international venue for sharing ideas? Hmm. Maybe I’ve been spending too much time in another century. The 18th century to be more specific. That’s not a particularly good excuse, but I do spend a lot of my time reading, thinking, and looking back in time. It’s my job. It’s my passion. Recreating and interpreting the past, and ideally, making it accessible to the present. More about that later – it’s what my TEDxWilmington talk will be about.

Preparing for a TEDx talk. Now that I know what it is, what am I learning about preparing for one? TEDx is a process, or at least it is for me. One step at a time. Thinking, outlining, drafting. TEDx is also a technique. Stories and concepts, interwoven together. Most importantly, if I have to put preparing a TEDx talk into a word-picture, it’s a distillery. Raw ingredients boiled down to essentials. That doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time… patience….and a little bit of magic. I hope to get the magic right.

Carol Spacht is well-known as “Betsy Ross,” portraying our nation’s premier flag maker in conjunction with Historic Philadelphia, Inc. and the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia. She has extensive knowledge of hand-sewing techniques, textiles, and the trade of the upholsterer in the eighteenth-century. READ MORE

TEDxWilmingtonSalon: Fireside // Thursday December 21st 2017 // Delaware Historical Society