David Raymond
“The Power of Fun”
TEDxWilmingtonLive: Age of Amazement
was held Saturday, April 28th, 2018
at Wilmington Friends School MORE INFO

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My TEDx Fear!

I remember when I was 10 years old I was asked to be an Acolyte at my Methodist church in Newark DE. This was quite the honor for a young boy and a proud moment for my mom. Unfortunately, I was petrified with fear. Fear of the prospect of coming out in front of the entire congregation every Sunday to light and then extinguish the alter candles. I would get to wear what I thought was some pretty cool robes but I knew I would become known as the only Methodist Acolyte to burn down his congregation’s church! I apologized to mom and told her I could not agree to do this because I was just too scared. She smiled and said “David, if fear is the only reason you would not try something new then you will miss so much joy in life”. This simple advice, given with mom’s love, has been a powerful guiding principle in my life ever since and came into play with my TEDx experience.

The journey, from the moment I celebrated my selection as a TEDx speaker until I left the TEDxWilmington red circle Saturday afternoon was trying because it was complicated by fear. It was my TEDx fear, however, that made this experience so powerful and one I will forever be grateful for. TEDx fear is good! It isn’t any less scary than fear in general and it can make you feel like abandoning the opportunity altogether but it helped me focus on the joy. My TEDx fear allowed me to bond better with my 22 fellow speakers. I focused on their efforts to deliver ideas worth sharing. I watched them more closely and listened more intently throughout our two days together. Their goals became mine and we got to know each other with conversations that were fueled with nervous energy and excitement. Their messages resonated with me and we experienced the joy of bringing them to the TEDxWilmington stage together.

I now have 22 powerful tools to help me in life. I have gained 22 friends, followers and supporters. I have the joy of overcoming my TEDx fear and maybe most importantly…I didn’t burn the church down!

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David Raymond, Age of Amazement, TEDxWilmingtonLive, TEDxWilmington, TEDx, Wilmington, Delaware

TEDxWilmingtonLive: Age of Amazement // Saturday, April 28th, 2018 // Wilmington Friends School