Ellen Moyer
“Nine Reasons for Hope in a World Out of Whack”
2nd Annual TEDxWilmingtonWomen
Thursday November 2nd 2017
The Mill Auditorium  MORE INFO

Well, THAT was fun! Even though giving a TEDx talk was challenging and a lot of work, I’d do it again. I’m grateful I got the chance to spread my idea: that we really do have what it takes to solve our dire environmental problems and create the kind of world we want.

Are you thinking of applying to present a TEDx talk but feeling daunted by the prospect? Go for it. The organized and stepwise TEDxWilmington process unfolds over a period of several months, which makes the process of preparing for the presentation doable. The schedule factors in time for coaching, revising, and practice.

In the past, I always relied on slide presentation bullets to walk me through talks. The main challenge of the TEDx talk for me was speaking for fifteen minutes without them. Because I put in effort and practice, everything turned out fine. I learned about speaking effectively – for example, pausing so the audience can take in and process key points, varying my pace, putting emotion into my words, and using my body and hands as tools to help deliver my message.

At the rehearsal and at TEDxWilmingtonWomen, I found it energizing to connect with the other speakers, organizer Ajit George, and his fantastic team. Everyone was on a mission, and our dialogue was authentic and open. The group exuded positive energy, good communication, and mutual support, and the participants spoke so well!

If you’re like me, you’ll enjoy the challenge of giving a TEDx talk. You will come away with a deep sense of personal satisfaction and professional accomplishment. Besides all that, my experience affirmed the core message of my talk: It showed that people have capacity and power, both individually and collectively, when they engage in a task with purpose and focus.

Ellen Moyer’s mission is to help restore the environment and promote a healthier way for us to inhabit the Earth. With a B.A. in anthropology, an M.S. in environmental engineering, a Ph.D. in civil engineering, and 30 years of consulting experience, Dr. Moyer is a registered professional engineer and a U.S. Green Building Council LEED Accredited Professional. She helps government agencies and Fortune 500 companies clean up hazardous waste sites, prevent environmental damage, analyze impacts, and provide educational outreach. Dr. Moyer is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, and her third book, Our Earth, Our Species, Our Selves: How to Thrive While Creating a Sustainable World, inspires readers to upgrade to a high-tech and high-nature way of life.  READ MORE FROM ELLEN