Daniel Farber Huang & Theresa Menders
“The Power of Faces”
6th Annual Conference
Wednesday, August 16th 2017 at The Queen Theater   MORE INFO

“We have spent the last 10 days on the island of Chios in Greece where over 3,200 refugees currently wait in limbo as their asylum applications are being processed or appealed.  Little has changed since we last visited in January of this year.  Local authorities are operating with severely limited physical and financial resources as well as lack of global support addressing an overwhelming humanitarian crisis.  Despite their steadfast and, in our opinion, admirable efforts over the last 2 years, the living conditions in the camps are harsh and essential services are strained to meet the continual inflow of new refugees.

The refugee crisis has been documented extensively over the years.  For this trip, we decided not to focus on re-documenting the overall dire circumstances of the refugees.  Instead, we wanted to focus on the people as individuals, their families, their outlook, their faces.

We used tools that are familiar to us – our cameras, our lenses, our eyes.  We brought hundreds of pounds of materials, including portable full-color photo printers, beautiful photo frames donated by TAP Packaging Solutions, critical camera accessories donated by Op/TECH USA and 2 mini studio setups with our favorite orange backgrounds.  Much to our surprise, many people also wanted their photos against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea – the very body of water that they risked their lives to cross.

We distributed 1,500 printed portraits on site at the Souda and Vial Refugee Camps.  The environment every day was unforgiving – temperatures between 90 and 100 degrees, blistering sun, hot wind continually swirling dust and dirt into our gear.  Despite the physical challenges, the excitement was palpable as men, women and children lined up to have their photos taken and anxiously watched as their portraits came from the printers.  The days were full, not only with the work but also with feeling that we were returning something of value to people who have lost so much – their individuality.  Take a look at their faces.  Look into their eyes.”

Theresa Menders and Daniel Farber Huang have collaborated successfully on numerous documentary photography projects over the last 20 years. Huang+Menders’ collaborative work as documentary photographers is included in the permanent collections of numerous fine art museums and historic institutions across the US, including the International Center of Photography, the New York Historical Society, the Museum of the City of New York, Museum of Chinese in America, the New York City Fire Museum, the Library of Congress and other cultural institutions. READ MORE

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