The Power of Depression in Shaping Our Lives
TEDxYouth@Wilmington :: Agents of Change :: April 2nd 2017

Jane Krukiel

“Preparing for and creating a TEDx talk has been a challenging, yet exciting process to undergo. It has presented me with countless opportunities to explore my inner self, question human nature, and craft a TEDx talk that works toward conveying the true powers of depression in my life. By looking into my own past and collecting memories has allowed me to truly question how depression affected me emotionally and physically, and it has opened my eyes to the progress that must be made in regards to complete acceptance of mental illnesses. Adding onto the challenge of creating a personal talk has been the time limit; crafting a complete TEDx talk in less than a month has certainly presented its challenges, along with meeting frequent deadlines and submitting my information and findings in an accurate and well-written manner. Reflecting on this overall experience has provided me with careful insight on how my own work ethic meets rigorous challenges, how determination and strength to create an exceptional TEDx talk has reacted, and how my inner vulnerability to expose a personal topic of my life has faced the expectations of sharing it with a large group of people. I am excited, yet nervous, to present my findings to the TEDx community in a timely and prepared manner. I believe that my first TEDx talk will be successful and will inspire others to consider depression and other mental illnesses with a different view, and allow them to connect their own lives with factors that cause depression.”

Jane Krukiel is a sophomore at Ursuline Academy in Wilmington, Delaware, where she has been attending since 1st grade. Originally from Delaware, she has lived in England and Georgia. She hopes to pursue a globally focused career after high school. Jane hopes to inspire youth to overcome depression and other mental illnesses with confidence, strength, and power with her TEDx talk. Additionally, she has competed numerous times in the Delaware Poetry Out Loud state finals and enjoys volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House.           INFO + TICKETS