Jeff Patnaude
“From Great to the Greater Good: When Great is Not Good Enough”
TEDxWilmingtonLive: Age of Amazement
was held on Saturday, April 28th, 2018
at Wilmington Friends School MORE INFO

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The definition of the word postpartum is: “that which follows birth.” That seems apt as participating in TEDxWilmington was a birth experience. As I indicated at the dinner evening, I am not sure if the review committee noticed that each of my three videos was a different topic. Unable to narrow the options or get clarity, I continued to forge a path forward (or backward) as I waited for “the message to arrive.” It didn’t – until Thursday morning, one day before rehearsal day. And that was due to the gathering of six friends on Wednesday evening to preview my talk and give their feedback. They did – and it wasn’t good.

They said it wasn’t me – that I was trying to be a TEDx speaker instead of being Jeff on a TEDx stage. They had heard me speak many times so it was my opportunity to hear them. I got the message, scrapped all the slides and subject matter that I had worked on for the past two weeks – and went to bed.

In every Myers-Briggs typology indicator, I am a strong perceiving type – a P. P’s can handle living on the edge, waiting until the last minute and in fact get energized from such a delay. This time was no different. Early Thursday morning I began again.

Ideation and strategic thinking is most successful when one is not attached to an outcome. Being flexible about the process, open to iterations about the content and willing to say “I don’t know,” are key contributors to breakthrough thinking.

For my experience with TEDxWilmington, I am most grateful for the opportunity to be stretched, to be received, to have had fun and to have learned from this remarkable process.

When can I come back for another shot?

Author of seven books on leadership and mentoring and 25 children’s books, Patnaude is a teacher, speaker, composer, business leader and Executive Mentor. Recognized as one of the pioneers in bringing together the marketplace and Spirit @Work, The Patnaude Group’s focus and professional dedication for three decades has centered on the most pressing issues facing our culture today: work/life flow, developing mentors for The Greater Good, creating healthy work environments where people thrive and teaching and coaching others toward developing them as transformational leaders. 
Having trained and mentored over 40,000 business leaders in multiple organizations, he has been described as “the Leonard Bernstein of leadership development” and gained an international reputation for his ability to orchestrate environments for transformation. READ MORE

Jeff Patnaude, TEDxWilmingtonLive, TEDxWilmington, Wilmington, Delaware

TEDxWilmingtonLive: Age of Amazement // Saturday, April 28th, 2018 // Wilmington Friends School