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3rd Annual TEDxWilmingtonWomen: Showing Up // 30 November 2018

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Meet the Speakers: Lauri Robbins Ericson for TEDxWilmingtonWomen

A dear friend wrote to me “You’ve been getting ready for this since I’ve known you”. This TEDx opportunity feels like THE next step of my life’s work.  The leap.  You see, I’m an organizational leadership consultant, coach and speaker committed to furthering the contribution of women across the world.

A few years ago, I started reading about early childhood development as it relates to gender. It became evident that this research was closely related to my work on leadership and it needed to be shared. Teaching and facilitating are in my bones so I have been on a public speaking journey since 2017, weaving these two elements of my work together.

I applied for TEDxWilmingtonWomen in July while planning a move to Stockholm Sweden. Where best to study gender equality than in the country that is ranked #5 in the world? The US? #49, according to WEF.

Fast forward to early September, and I receive THE invitation, inviting me to speak at the 3rd annual TEDxWilmingtonWomen.  I was in shock for 3+ days. Then, it was time to get to work. Writing, editing and revising. I’m working with a coach. My goal: To deliver a talk that has the most heartfelt impact on the audience, inspiring them into positive action.

I’m dreaming about my talk – our talk; it’s living in every pore of my body.

I leave for India on Friday, to launch a women’s leadership framework for young women living in poverty.

There’s a lot to do. Self care and following true north are and will be required. So this morning I practiced pranayama, or yoga breathing. It helps calm and focus my energy.

If you are reading this blog, you are on this journey with me.  Let’s do this, shall we?  Game on.


the TEDx process: Lauri Robbins Ericson for TEDxWilmingtonWomen

This past month, I traveled to Bangalore, India to launch a leadership program for young women who earn less than $2 / day – the poorest of the poor. Leadership in the sense of first hearing your own voice, in a culture where your position in society is not to have one. Meeting these women fueled my energy for my TEDx talk, and my path – taking a stand that all lives matter and are created equal.

Since returning to Stockholm, I’ve been editing, giving table reads, and more editing.  This week, I had the privilege of rehearsing my talk in two high schools in Sweden. Because, as I reference young women’s’ experiences in my TEDx draft, I wanted to hear from them – what’s going on for you?  Do my examples of young women’s experiences resonate?

The post rehearsal “side” conversations were gifts. Insights. After each talk, a few females approached me, and shared that either my examples were spot on or I could tweak them a bit, because here is what young women, living in the country that is number 4 in the world in gender equality, are really thinking about…

The pressure to be – in appearance, academics, athletics, in day to day choices – perfect. And this myth of achieving perfection causes them to overthink – over big decisions, like what should I study in college or should I raise my hand in class? And to become paralyzed in the process. To not take risks for fear of not getting it right or perfect.  They are also afraid to walk alone in the dark, needing to talk a self defense class and told that it’s ok for a boy to yell at a girl, or be physical with her because “it’s just what boys do”.

You and I have work to do, yes?


TEDxWilmington Laurie R Ericson Photo by Alessandra NicoleReflecting: Lauri Robbins Ericson for TEDxWilmingtonWomen

I returned to Stockholm Sweden yesterday. I am feeling satisfaction, relief and my energy return to its normal state.  The past few months have been intense, focused – with great purpose.

The 3rd Annual TEDxWilmingtonWomen was exhilarating.  Connecting.  Life-changing.

The hours – the days of writing and editing, of memorizing and performing. As I had just moved to Stockholm Sweden, I was not sure how I was going to rehearse as I knew, as of early September, maybe a dozen people.  However the process of figuring out the details – how, when, where and for whom I was going to rehearse, opened up – created –  a series of relationships that would have otherwise taken me years to cultivate. How fortunate is that?

Five rehearsals in Stockholm in November and another two in my most recent hometown of New Haven the week leading up to TEDxWilmingtonWomen. To have the support of my friends and family was incredible.  Even then, I was making minor tweaks to the script.  No major changes though.

Every part of the process was vital to making the TEDx talk a success. The writing and performance coaches, the table reads, the feedback from listeners, finalizing the script, the rehearsals (and even in two countries with two different experiences of gender equality).

The organization and feedback from TEDxWilmington.  Ajit, Elissa and the volunteers were extraordinary in building this tribe.

And the rehearsal the Thursday before the talk – November 30th.  To view and “feel” the stage, to experience the red dot, to do a full day dress rehearsal, to finally meet and connect with the other speakers and begin to do self care for Friday so that I could deliver a powerful message.

Thank you, Ajit, Elissa, Jake and to TEDxWilmington, for providing this platform and community.

Watch Lauri Robbins Ericson’s TEDx talk HERE.

TEDxWilmingtonWomen 2018, Photograph by Alessandra Nicole

Lauri Robbins Ericson is an organizational leadership consultant, coach and speaker committed to furthering the contribution of women across the world. Her work in West and South Africa, India, Europe, Central America and the United States has magnified how important it is to transform the perception of females in society so their contributions are valued. 
Lauri has worked with leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, CEOs and purpose-driven change makers such as Innovations for Poverty Action, Acumen, United Nations Development Fund for Women, Women’s Education Project and the United States Peace Corps.  She speaks frequently on leadership and has been a guest lecturer to doctoral students at William James College. Lauri is also the founder of Girls First. READ MORE

3rd Annual TEDxWilmingtonWomen: Showing Up // 30 November 2018
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