Mark Harmon
“The Soul of a Great Hotel
Lust for Life: Adventure, Travel, Hospitality
June 7th 2017 at The Queen Theater   MORE INFO

“Well, I said I wanted a challenge! This is not easy. But I’m finding the TEDx materials to be quite helpful. Reminding me always to strive for excellence, to communicate an idea worth spreading.

At this point in my preparations (2 1/2 months out), I am working on the content of my talk. I have a working title. My goal is to give the audience a different point of view, something to think about. This talk has to be succinct, it has to be interesting, it has to be smart and insightful. I like the idea of challenging current beliefs.

Tips from the TEDx materials:
– tell a story, take the audience on a journey
– give specific examples

I’m doing research and finding lots of ideas and insights in my reading. Looking for inspiration too! I find that my ideas develop more completely when I talk/present to others. I give them my subject and a preview of what I plan to say. It’s very helpful to hear and especially to see their reactions. Are they engaged? Are they excited by the topic? Which ideas, phrases or words resonate?”

Mark Harmon is the Founder of Auberge Resorts Collection, an international portfolio of luxury hotels, resorts and residences. Each property is uniquely conceived to reflect its location and culture, yet all share a crafted approach to luxury expressed through captivating design, exceptional cuisine and spas, and gracious service. Mark’s passion is to create iconic places that will be an enduring and contributing business in the local community and destination.

TEDxWilmington Salon :: Lust for Life: Travel, Adventure, Hospitality. June 7th, 2017 at The Queen Theater. MORE INFO