Maureen Bridget Rabotin
“The Culture of Fear: Facing it with Courage and Curiosity”
Bridge Builder
Thursday November 2nd 2017
The Mill Auditorium  MORE INFO

TEDx 1, TEDx2, TEDx_Final, TEDx_Maybe_Final and the list goes on.

The easy part of preparing for this TEDxWilmington talk was the title: The Culture of Fear: Facing it with Courage & Curiosity. Now I only needed to find the words to develop this into an idea worth spreading. Sounds easy, right? It wasn’t. Writer’s block haunted me. Work piled up on my desk and excuses crowded my brain. Once again, friends and family became the spark I needed to get the ideas flowing. Social connections play a role in our lives in more ways than one.

Researchers are showing that the absence of social connections plays havoc on people.  I’ll share more with you on Nov 2, yet not as much as I’d like in 10 minutes.

When the opportunity to speak became a reality, I did what I do best.  I reached out to others, asking questions, getting their input, having those conversations that make me come alive. This reminded me of how I use my strengths. As a Gallup-certified Strengths coach, I am aware of when I use, over-use or under-utilize my strengths. It is the best way to manage my energy and reduce my stress. To clarify, my 5 Signature Strengths are: Strategic, Self-Assurance, Activator, Adaptability and Ideation. These are better defined as I describe the process I have used to prepare for my TEDx talk.

Strategic and Self-Assurance got me this great opportunity. Strategic because I am always looking out at the horizon and at times, have my head in the clouds. Self-assurance helps remind me that I can and will do this TEDx talk. When used with Activator, I can be perceived as a steam-roller or more aptly put: I build that bridge and get over it. Adaptability and Ideation work hand-in-hand as the former allows me to go with the flow and the latter is my need to brainstorm, think out loud and share ideas with others.

These innate talents which I have developed into strengths, have been my rock while preparing for this TEDx talk. When faced with writer’s block, I knew that my Ideation was in overdrive. I had too much to say and so little time to say it. Dialling it down, keeping my eye on the horizon helped me strategize the how and why of my talk. Adaptability got in the way as I wanted to please everyone by listening to different perspectives then changing my talk. That’s why my computer has an overflowing TEDx file of versions from A- Z and back again. Now it’s time to get my Activator into gear and send this blog to TEDxWilmington to whom I express my gratitude for letting me use my strengths as I manage the stress while prepping for Nov 2.

Maureen Bridget Rabotin, Executive Coach, Author and Keynote Speaker is founding director of Effective Global Leadership. Her experience and knowledge come from her natural inquisitive nature along with certifications in various coaching methodologies (Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Appreciative Inquiry, Systemic – ORSC and Values- based coaching). READ MORE

2nd Annual TEDxWilmington Women :: Bridge Builder :: Thursday Nov. 2nd 2017 :: The Mill Auditorium ::  MORE INFO