Mindy Tatz Chernoff
“Love, Connection, and a Horse”
7th Annual TEDxWilmington Conference // 27 September 2018
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Meet the Speakers: Mindy Tatz Chernoff for TEDxWilmington
Weds. 15 August 2018

I have been wanting to tell you what is going on here for WEEKS!!I can NOW tell you what the buzz around here is all about!

The Resonant Horse is about to make history (I think!) Yep, little ole’ us! Wanna know how? I will not keep you in suspense any longer…

We are going to be offering our SECOND TEDx TALK! On September 27, 2018! That makes Viton, I think, the only horse in the world who is not only featured in one TEDx talk, but TWO!

And, drum roll please…This talk will actually END with Viton coming out and sitting on a bean bag chair! YEP! Real live and in the flesh! If you are local to the Wilmington/Philadelphia area, heck, if you live up and down the east coast…You need to be at the FIGURE 8 Barn, Bellevue State Park, on September 27th!
You do not want to miss this stellar event!!!


the TEDx process: Mindy Tatz Chernoff for TEDxWilmington
Weds. 5th September 2018

So…The speakers for TEDxWilmington’s 7th Annual Conference are now all chosen. As I scrolled through the bios (and blogs) of every speaker, I am brought to my knees. So humbling…to read a portion of their stories, what has brought them to this place, this moment of NOW WHAT? Such a stellar, steller group of people. I am so excited just knowing we are all on this journey TOGETHER!

I echoed so many of their thoughts and sentiments…the excitement, the gratitude, the terror. Some may think that, since this is my second time offering a TEDx talk, it would be “in the bag” as they say. NO WAY!!

My previous talk was a whittled down version of the workshops I offered. I had no notes. It was all in my brain, and just needed to be spoken in a format which fit the time. It still had to be rehearsed again and again, over and over.

WELL— THINGS HAVE CHANGED! I am finding this experience is TOTALLY NEW and WAY unfamiliar!! I have my thoughts, which are fine, but I also have comments from others. And, I also have research I am quoting.  It is SO HARD to memorize what are not my thoughts! Of course, I already know the answer to that….memorize until they are my thoughts!

Oh, and have I mentioned, just a wee tiny detail…I am bringing my HORSE live, to end my talk sitting on a bean bag chair! (Don’t worry, it will all make sense!)

All I know is that by connecting with the speakers, and by diligently applying myself to this task,  Love and Connection will be the result! That is what I trust will happen! Not just for me, but for 29 amazing speakers!!


Reflecting: Mindy Tatz Chernoff for TEDxWilmington
Sat. 29th September 2018

Memorizing my text was a herculean task, but I also had to focus on my precious horse, Viton.  I was asking a lot from him. Now that it is behind me, gratitude and satisfaction are my greatest feelings. That, and awe. I had so much at stake in my final presentation. Viton had not “sat” that morning on the beanbag chair, when I practised with him. I went on the TEDX Stage not knowing if he was going to sit. Such pressure! All I could do was trust, let go, and believe. Sure enough, at first he said “no” and did not “sit.”  I regrouped, asked him again, and he did. WHEW!! What an answer to prayer! A colleague, watching on Livestream, had this insight:


“Mindy’s presentation contained abundant wisdom but her silent response to Viton’s “no” contained a lesson as powerful as her words. Partnering with horses (or with humans) we must be willing to give freedom, flexibility, and options and to be prepared for a response we don’t like.  If Mindy had gotten upset and had let herself go down the very human path of anxiety and fear Viton would not have sat down because he would deem it as unsafe. Instead, Mindy stayed fully present and grounded. She did not pressure Viton, she respected his decision, gave him some time and gently asked again. She honored his wishes and embodied everything she had said in her talk about love being a state of being, not doing. Since Mindy accepted the no gracefully, Viton felt safe and loved and trusted Mindy enough to change his answer to yes.”

I am thankful that even though I was not aware, the essence of my TEDx talk shined in the moment a horse sat. On a beanbag chair.

Mindy Tatz Chernoff is the Founder of The Resonant Horse, a novel and innovative approach to healing, partnering with horses as teachers and catalysts for change and transformation. She has a Dual Masters, and 56 years deeply steeped in horses and humanity. She allows horses to aid in facilitating a sense of presence, authenticity and congruence. READ MORE 

7th Annual TEDxWilmington Conference // Thursday September 27th 2018

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