Melissa M. Root
“Sail past your limits: The Root Response”
6th Annual Conference
Wednesday, August 16th 2017 at The Queen Theater   MORE INFO

“As the owner of a company that is dedicated to improving quality of life and accelerating human performance worldwide, I am excited to use the TEDxWilmington platform to share my revolutionary concept. I recently identified three techniques across unique disciplines that trigger the same human success reaction: the Root Response. Getting word out to others about this concept is my goal. As you might imagine, the invitation from Ajit George to share my idea at the 6th Annual TEDxWilmington Conference was thrilling!

After completing my morning run with a grin on my face – luckily I run at sunrise so no one was there to see this unusual sight – I began the process of honing my talk. How does one take their idea of a lifetime and condense it into 10 minutes? As my father would have said – very carefully. I find that I actually love the 10 minute time limit. It forces me to be clear, concise, and simple. I also find that as I watch TED talks, I prefer the shorter ones. If Bill Gates can get his idea about teacher feedback across in 10 minutes, then I know I can share mine that augments and – dare I say – improves his in the same timeframe. Frankly, triggering the Root Response is the answer to Oprah’s notorious healthy lifestyle challenges as well. It’s the answer to challenges that plague many of us and I’m very passionate about sharing my idea so it may be extended even further.

With such lofty aspirations, I now begin the process of crafting my talk. Over 40 years of learning and observing resulted in an idea that can quickly and simply improve education, industry, and daily life. How to get that across in 10 minutes? Very carefully….”

Born in a small multicultural seaside city, Dr. Melissa M. Root’s entrepreneurial spirit and impassioned interest in improving the human experience were cultivated early. Owner of Root Success Solutions LLC, her comfort with patterns and numbers allows her to clearly see connections between the environment and human behaviors where others see distinct events. She views the human experience through just that: humans. Dr. Root is a strong believer that all humans can improve the depth and breadth of their experience, with no need to subcategorize into distinctions based on gender, race, ethnicity, intelligence, marital status, or physical ability. That belief guides the mission of Root Success Solutions LLC, which is to improve quality of life, increase performance, and synthesize solutions from a system perspective. READ MORE

TEDxWilmington 6th Annual Conference : Wednesday, August 16th 2017 at The Queen Theater.  MORE INFO