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“The True Secret to Happiness is Learning to ROAR” – Watch HERE.
3rd Annual TEDxWilmingtonWomen: Showing Up // 30 November 2018

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Meet the Speakers: Michelle Nagel for TEDxWilmingtonWomen

Giving a TEDx talk has always been a distant dream of mine – more like a fantasy where every perfect detail is in over bright colors, with fluffy white clouds, a rainbow, and glorious sun shine. There might have been a unicorn or two in my mind’s eye, now that I think about it. At any rate, a part of my brain kept the idea of me on that big red dot somewhere in the realm of fantasy.

I have known for years that the topic I wanted to share with people, The Secret to True Happiness is Learning to ROAR, is vitally important. Every day brings more challenges and stressors that we each have to deal with. We all need more Resilience, Optimism, Accountability, and Resourcefulness (ROAR).

Deep down, I knew that it was time for me to stop fantasizing about giving a TEDx talk, and do what it took to be selected as a speaker. I submitted my application to TEDxWilmingtonWomen, patted myself on the back for beginning the process, then tried not to worry about it, trusting that if it was time for the message to be shared, everything would work out.

When I got the acceptance letter, I’m sure my neighbors could hear my excited whoops and hollers. Immediately a sort of thrilled terror descended, but from the very start this has been the greatest process. The organizers and my coach are supportive and helpful, and I am extremely grateful. No one walks this path alone.

I am honored and grateful and a tiny bit intimidated to share the stage with such an excellent group of speakers, and I am so looking forward to learning about their ideas worth spreading. I love that the theme is SHOWING UP, and I promise to show up at my best.


the TEDx process: Michelle Nagel for TEDxWilmingtonWomen

As the time gets closer to stepping onto the plane to travel to TEDxWilmingtonWomen, I have been reflecting on the process so far. It has been an interesting experience – beginning with submitting an outline of the talk, then a video of me speaking for review by the “Tribe.” Feedback is very helpful, and the goal of wanting me to be the best I can be is obvious.

I have always enjoyed watching TED and TEDx talks, but I find myself watching them almost compulsively, imagining how I would stand or move were I giving that talk – whether or not I would choose to use slides – what I would choose to wear. I have moved from listening for the purpose of learning about the topic, to listening and watching the speakers to learn from their performance, and how well they got the idea across. Each time I read through my talk, I feel excitement in the pit of my stomach as I imagine how it will feel to step out onto that big red dot, and a weight of responsibility to do my very best for the audience.

I am so grateful and excited to share my talk with the world. The topic of learning the steps to true happiness is so important, as fewer and fewer people can honestly say they are happy. Circumstances in individual lives and in communities in general are becoming more and more stressful. There is no such thing as a magic pill that will fix everything, and all we can do is make certain we are doing the best that we can do at any given time, but every day there is evidence that one person’s positive, loving actions can create the ripple that can change the world for someone else.


TEDxWilmington Michelle Nagel, Photograph by Alessandra NicoleReflecting: Michelle Nagel for TEDxWilmingtonWomen

The lights are dimmed, the travel is done, and my TEDxWilmingtonWomen talk is history. I feel a bit anticlimactic today, as I sit in the quiet and reflect on the whole experience from application to actual talk. The anxiety and excitement is now just a memory, but one I will never forget.

The thing I appreciated most was watching the unflappable professionalism and calm with which every detail was handled by the organizers. Ajit George, Elissa Ben-Eli, Jake Voorhees, and Alessandra Nicole are the individuals with whom I had the most contact. Each of them were kind and supportive. Though the standards for the TEDx talk are exacting, any pressure to perform perfectly was entirely in my own head.

One of the best parts was getting to meet the other speakers. Wow! What a variety of amazing experiences and talents! I came away with a wider understanding of the world and new tools in my toolbox for my own personal growth. I am grateful that the speakers had the courage and determination to share their ideas worth spreading. Each topic was interesting, skillfully presented, and definitely worth listening to!

I was told that the TEDx talks are a living thing, changeable up until the last moment. Mine changed after rehearsal, so I felt I was scrambling to rearrange everything to make the changes fit within my allotted timeframe, but after all was said and done, those last minute changes made my talk better, and certainly more fun!

The True Secret of Happiness is Learning to ROAR is accurate, and having the privilege to ROAR on stage along with the audience participants was a true treat.

Thanks to all at TEDxWilmington for this amazing experience. I can’t wait to see what other excellent speakers you come up with!

Watch Michelle Nagel’s TEDx talk HERE.

TEDxWilmingtonWomen 2018, Photograph by Alessandra Nicole

Michelle Nagel, author of the bestseller Suffering is Optional: Step Out of Darkness Into the Light, and co-author of the international bestseller, The Light at the End of the Funnel, is President of Soul Shift, Inc, and has been a speaker and transformational trainer for over 15 years. A lifelong learner, she is Certified in the Canfield Methodology of Success Principles and is a Certified HeartMathTMTrainer, as well as holding multiple certifications in energy therapies and Herbal Medicine. Michelle empowers people who look like they’ve got it all together on the outside but feel like a fraud on the inside, to take off their protective armor, so that they can live a life of authenticity and success without apology.  READ MORE

3rd Annual TEDxWilmingtonWomen: Showing Up // 30 November 2018
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