Rita Chang
“Redesign Our Future”
Bridge Builder
Thursday November 2nd 2017
The Mill Auditorium  MORE INFO

It’s only been a few months since I applied to be a TEDxWilmington speaker, though it feels like much has happened since. It’s not that my content has changed – my message about sustainable fashion and breaking status quos remains the same. My drive to change the way we think about clothes is as strong as ever. But my fascination of ideas worth spreading – and how we spread them – has increased dramatically.

Just as I hoped it would.

Partly because of events in my family history, I’ve always been intrigued by sociology and psychology. I especially love trying to understand how individuals have come to be the way they are, whether it’s talking with friends about their pasts, reading biographies, asking people questions that they never questioned of themselves, or simply observing people in new places.

I used to focus mostly on past events as factors that contributed to “the way one is.” But these past several months of thinking how best to share my TEDx story have made me become hyperaware of how people share ideas, tell stories, talk with one another. I started to see that “the way one is” in this day and age is just as dependent on the 140 characters they read, the 30 hashtags they post, the 60 minutes of Game of Thrones’ life lessons they binge watch. These no longer just influence “the way one thinks.”

There is, after all, a difference.

Don’t get me wrong … I always knew the power of storytelling. I know the way we talk about an idea is the perfect opportunity to convince others to see something differently, to learn something new, and to believe in us, the storytellers.

But now I find myself tracing back “the way I am” not just through specific events of my past, but also through the accounts I Follow, the photos I’ve Liked, the podcasts I’ve listened to, and the TEDx speakers I’ve watched.

Readying myself for this TEDx moment is showing me that I have this opportunity to influence “the way we are,” not just “the way we think.” Come November, that’s exactly what I’ll aim to do.

Rita’s passion for sustainable fashion began in her undergraduate years at the University of Delaware. After witnessing less than ideal working conditions and a lack of environmental sustainability at textile factory tours in Asia, she created her own major in “Social Responsibility in the Apparel and Footwear Industry.” She then moved to Taiwan to work for NIKE, Inc.’s Sustainable Manufacturing & Sourcing team for nearly four years. READ MORE

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