Rose Maina
“Could there be a Pedophile Hiding in your Family Tree and How Stranger Danger is the Absolute Wrong to Tell Children”
Bridge Builder
Thursday November 2nd 2017
The Mill Auditorium  MORE INFO

The date for my TEDx talk is fast approaching and I have mixed feelings of awe and sheer terror as I bring myself to the reality that what I am presenting is bigger than me.  As an advocate of young children I find myself deeply committed as I have always been except I have never taken the issues that are affecting young children today on the huge platform that TEDx has provided me.  I am both honored but also fearful.  It takes courage to stand and represent something so vile, so terrible and to speak words of encouragement to those who have been victims of pedophilia.

Crafting my talk has been both challenging and opportunistic. Why?  Because I am so adamant about young children being free from pedophilia. The process of having a compelling story and making sure that you inspire has been like a two edged sword I have wielded since I accepted the invitation to speak at TEDxWilmingtonWomen.  I found my original speech shift these past few weeks to incorporate the growth spurts I had within myself as I realized that children are counting on me to tell the truth about pedophiles and to boldly and unapologetically share the horror and the hope.

Reading Chris Anderson’s book got me excited about making my speech more riveting and meaningful to my audience so that they share the journey with me.  My original title reflected my fury and rage towards pedophilia and what it has done destroying many lives of people I have encountered as a teacher of young children and professor of Child Development. Now my title incorporates the lessons I have learned from pedophilia reflecting on my childhood experiences providing the witness point of view.  This has added depth and authenticity to my TEDx speech.  Stand in the truth.

From the time Dr. Rose was an infant, she was sexually abused by the woman who raised her in East Africa. It wasn’t until she came to America at 23 years old that she realized what was happening to her all of her life was NOT normal; it was sexual abuse. Dr. Rose is currently teaching ECE and Child Development courses at 2 and 4 year colleges. Rose has appeared on TV specifically on Fox News, CBS and other media advocating for the end of sexual child abuse and providing hope for those who are still traumatized by their childhood experiences. Rose graduated from Mills College Oakland with her masters in Early Childhood Education and from University of Southern California with a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Policy. READ MORE

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