Rita Wilkins
“Downsize Your Life: Why Less is Really More”
Bridge Builder
Thursday November 2nd 2017
The Mill Auditorium  MORE INFO

Doing a TEDx talk is not for faint of heart, but I knew that when I signed on. Yet, the experience of challenging myself daily to prepare, practice, and refine my TEDx talk so that I will be at the top of my game, has helped me discover even more grit!

I once thought that those who did TEDx or TED talks were just naturally great speakers. I now think differently, realizing that they, like me, faced the same challenges, had to apply the same rigor and self-discipline to compose and to deliver their powerful and memorable big idea. I also realized that we share a common bond, regardless of how different our talks might be. We are committed and determined to do our absolute best… And it takes something to do that!

Having now watched and listened to over 100 TED talks, hoping to learn from and distinguish “the magic” of a great talk and of a great public speaker, I have come to understand that each and every one of those speakers must have followed a similar journey to the one that I am currently on… and that somewhere along the way, they, too, discovered they had even more “grit” than they once thought they had.

So on November 2, 2017, I will walk onto that stage, powerfully deliver my TEDxWilmington talk with my heart and soul, pulling from every minute of learning and training over these past few months… and I will know that I did my absolute best.

But when all is said and done, what I have really learned from preparing for my TEDx talk is that I must continue to keep challenging myself way beyond my comfort zone because that’s exactly where I grow and discover I have even more “grit”!

As an interior designer for over 40 years, Rita is deeply committed to impacting and improving the lives of her clients and their businesses through interior design. A graduate of University of Rhode Island, she attended Rhode Island School of Design and North Carolina. READ MORE

2nd Annual TEDxWilmington Women :: Bridge Builder :: Thursday Nov. 2nd 2017 :: The Mill Auditorium ::  MORE INFO