Sarah Brown
“What My Job Taught Me About Finding a Romantic Partner”
Bridge Builder
Thursday November 2nd 2017
The Mill Auditorium  MORE INFO

This is where my journey begins—making sure I have a crisp idea worth spreading.  I want this to be something useful and memorable, and something I can explain in just ten minutes.  My idea right now is:

If we use the three standard job interview questions as a guide, we can learn a lot about what we should be looking for when we are searching for a romantic partner.

I am sure that I have sufficient content to address this.  I have a degree in PsychoEducational Processes (group psychology and adult learning).  I have 20+ years of organizational development experience studying and working with how individuals and teams “click” or “conflict.”  I have 15+ years talent management experience.  I have lots of lessons from the workplace that can be applied to the topic of finding a compatible mate.  But can I explain it simply?

I have read Chris Anderson’s book TED Talks several times.   There are many helpful ideas and, more importantly, examples in the book.  But every time I go to look for an example that applies to my specific topic, I do not find what I am looking for.  So I am going to have to be creative.

Next week (August 16, 2017) I will go to the TEDxWilmington Annual Conference.  These speakers are approaching the end of their TEDx talk journey.  They are spending every spare minute rehearsing and trying to tame or at least orchestrate the butterflies in their tummies.  My talk time is almost 3 months away, but I bet not one of the speakers next week is any more nervous than I am right now.  I am worried about embarrassing myself, but I am more worried about ensuring that I have something worthwhile enough for people to spend time listening to.

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