Tanya Barnett
“I Found Myself When I Lost my Hair”
Bridge Builder
Thursday November 2nd 2017
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When my book coach suggested I submit to be a TEDx speaker, I laughed at her. I thought, “Who would listen to me?” She quickly reminded me that I had written an award winning book so obviously, people are not only listening to me but they were reading my work too.

Talk about a lightbulb moment.

Now let’s be clear, even though I had a lightbulb moment, I did not take action immediately. Quite the contrary, I think I panicked several times before I got the courage to submit my idea. I was super nervous as I submitted my information in the online form. However, I had to remind myself there would be one of two answers. I was going for the “yes”.

Imagine my elation when I received my email that I was chosen to speak at TEDxWilmington. I reread the email only fifty times or so to make sure I wasn’t being pranked. When the other emails rolled in, I had a few days of doubt that I was ready to commit to going forward.

I am thankful my husband told me that I did not have a choice and that I had to buckle down to adhere to the requirements in a timely manner. I decided to place all the due dates on my Google Calendar and then set the alarms for two weeks early. This way, I would have plenty time to work on each task without the added pressure of a deadline.

I walked around my house for three days and ate everything as I thought about what this first blog post was going to be. After many failed conversations with myself, I fixed an oversized peanut butter and jelly sandwich and cranked this post out.

The one thing I learned through this beginning phase of the process, have plenty healthy snacks on hand as deadlines approach. This will save you from gaining 30 lbs before you reach the stage.

Tanya Barnett is a proud disabled Air Force veteran. She is an energetic speaker, marriage advocate/coach, talk show host and the “Real” Wife Coach. She is the Award-Winning Author of Being a Wife Just Got Real: Things I Wish I Knew, Before I Said, “I Do”. She founded the Real Wife Movement™ to equip women with tools for creating strong marriages and families. READ MORE

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