Tyrek Traylor
“The Center”
6th Annual Conference
Wednesday, August 16th 2017 at The Queen Theater   MORE INFO

Ever since I was introduced to TED talks by my uncle I became enamored of them and started to watch them just as much as any other social media outlet that I use. I love the diversity of the talks and how each category can produce a shift in mindset, increase of knowledge, or change of perspective from what I once had. I never thought I would be able to give a talk because as I first began watching them I didn’t think I was capable or qualified to speak on anything that would impact the listeners the same way I was from speakers’ talks. I wasn’t the most outspoken nor the most distinguished, but writing poetry gave me my voice. The idea that little poems that I use to write would eventually lead me to this still inconceivable opportunity to speak amongst this great group of speakers amazes me still to this day.

The competition that I won, which gave me the opportunity to give the TEDx talk, was the first time I stepped outside my comfort zone and shared my poetry to a vast audience. I am blessed and humbled to continue to share my passion with others especially now on the TEDx stage. This is by far the best thing to happen in my life thus far. Because of this, I am preparing for my talk meticulously ironing out every detail in order to best relay my message to our audience. My talk titled ‘The Center’ is not for one specific audience, it is for the masses and I hope it gives the listeners a sense of inspiration and insight into who we are or who we want to be.”

For the past 4 years Tyrek has attended Conrad Schools of Science. While at Conrad he served as Vice-President of the Minority Student Union whose mission is to promote diversity and tolerance. He also competed as a member of KUDOS, an organization which provides youth with opportunities to help them succeed with their future academic endeavors. Tyrek also enjoyed playing basketball, football, and being a member of the track team. He graduated in June and this fall will continue his studies at Delaware State University where he will major in biology, continue writing, and embrace student life. READ MORE

TEDxWilmington 6th Annual Conference : Wednesday, August 16th 2017 at The Queen Theater.  MORE INFO