Victoria Schmidt
“Taking Control of the Aging Process”
Bridge Builder
Thursday November 2nd 2017
The Mill Auditorium  MORE INFO

The talk that I am preparing for TEDxWilmingtonWomen is based on the topic of my book, Victoria’s 95 Secrets to a happy, healthy long life. I recently turned 96. One of my secrets is :: Curiosity.  Keep current with technology. 

To my surprise, chagrin and embarrassment, I was not fully practicing one of my own Secrets.  I did not know about TEDx. However, I quickly learned.

It was at Steve Harrison’s Publicity Summit that I pitched to 50 members of the media, including TEDxWilmington founder and organizer Ajit George. He, as well of all the others, was interested in me and my topic.  Immediately after the summit, I had to fill many of the requests. Ajit’s was one of the first who asked me to make an application  … it was for August 16,  His was so comprehensive I replied with a thank you and said I didn’t have time.  I was not, as above, aware of the dynamic and prestigious TEDxWilmington program.  Ajit did not accept my turndown and asked me to apply for the November 2 Women’s conference.  I made the time and completed the comprehensive application.

When I didn’t hear back within a week, I felt it was just as well since I continued and continue to prepare for and often travel distances to gigs.  Just keeping track of them is time consuming. I often wonder how others handle the bookings for I am an exceptional organizer.

Then, the acceptance email, “you are one of the 37 of the 175 applicants whom we have selected.”   It was then I learned about TEDx when I told friends and colleagues about my invitation to make a presentation.  They were impressed.  “Accolades,” they said. “You, along with the Pope, Bill Gates and other celebrities.”

Victoria is an inspiration and a role model to audiences, colleagues and friends that reflect the knowledge and wisdom of her years. She enjoyed a long diverse career for which she garnered numerous coveted awards. Now, Victoria is an author of four books, (the latest, Victoria’s 95 Secrets to a happy, healthy, long Life) a career/life coach and a speaker. Her mission is to help others. She has made presentations throughout her working life and now travels the East coast delivering talks on a variety of topics for conferences, corporations, associations and universities. READ MORE

2nd Annual TEDxWilmington Women :: Bridge Builder :: Thursday Nov. 2nd 2017 :: The Mill Auditorium ::  MORE INFO