Victoria Schmidt
“Taking Control of the Aging Process”
Bridge Builder
Thursday November 2nd 2017
The Mill Auditorium  MORE INFO

With making numerous presentations, radio interviews and preparing articles for the media whom I pitched at Steve Harrison’s Publicity Summit during the last week of April, of this year, I have had to juggle my time to properly prepare my TEDxWilmington talk and the presentation slide deck.  The slide deck has been completed and submitted as due on October 20.  I have perfected my talk but am continuing to rehearse it and prepare a final video which I will email in a few days.  I have given speeches most of my adult life but I have never memorized any … the memorizing process for my TEDx talk is taking more time than I expected, despite its shortness.

Besides the media gigs, I have other commitments to handle, one I mention since it includes a reference to TEDx talks.  In late September, I address a group of over 250 alumnae at Douglass College at Rutgers University.  It is the annual Workplace and Professional Development symposium which I underwrite. This year when I made my remarks to the gathering I told the alumnae that I was preparing to make a TEDx talk. I had a standing ovation.

Now, back to rehearsing, “Taking Control of the Aging Process.”

Victoria is an inspiration and a role model to audiences, colleagues and friends that reflect the knowledge and wisdom of her years. She enjoyed a long diverse career for which she garnered numerous coveted awards. Now, Victoria is an author of four books, (the latest, Victoria’s 95 Secrets to a happy, healthy, long Life) a career/life coach and a speaker. Her mission is to help others. She has made presentations throughout her working life and now travels the East coast delivering talks on a variety of topics for conferences, corporations, associations and universities. READ MORE

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