Whitney Williams
“Financial Grit: the 3 C’s – Coaching, Capacity, Control”
Personal Finance. Community Results. A TEDxWilmington Salon
Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 at the Gold Ballroom at the Hotel DuPont   MORE INFO

“Remember what learning to ride a bike felt like? It was exciting – but also scary.

What if I can’t do it? What if I fall?

Chances are, you had someone – maybe a parent or older sibling – coaching you along, offering that steady hand you needed to gain confidence. When you finally mastered those two wheels, the feeling of cruising down the street was liberating.

I hear a lot of those same fears from parents who are working to gain financial stability. Many are simply afraid of the unknown, some are scared to confront their financial situations and others mistrust the systems and service providers who may be trying to help.

That’s where relationships come in. My organization, Parents as Teachers, is all about developing meaningful connections with parents and caregivers, and coaching them toward self-sufficiency and success.

Financial coaches help low-income parents with children enrolled in the Head Start program identify the right goals and develop a personalized plan to reach them.

When embarking on a new or daunting task – like tackling the complex world of family finances, or giving your first TEDx talk – having someone you trust by your side makes all the difference.

It’s amazing to see the changes that occur in these folks’ lives and the newfound freedom they feel when those financial burdens become easier to navigate … just like that first stroll on the bike.

I am so excited to share more about the Parents as Teachers and $tand By Me programs with Irene Lee during our talk on September 12. I’m eager to share what we’re learning and stories of the positive impact financial coaching and home visiting are having on families.

Hopefully, others will be inspired to take up similar efforts in their states.”

Whitney Williams is the Supervisor for the Parents as Teachers program of New Castle County, Delaware. Parents as Teachers is an international early childhood home based parent education program serving families with children ages birth to five. Parents as Teachers is housed within the Christina School District where Williams is a member of the district’s Executive Leadership Team; overseeing staff who provide up to 5,000 home visits to almost 500 families a year. READ MORE

Personal Finance. Community Results :: A TEDxWilmington Salon :: Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 :: Gold Ballroom at the Hotel DuPont   MORE INFO