TEDxWilmingtonWomen 2017


We build them, we cross them, and sometimes we even burn them, for better or worse. At the 2017 TEDxWilmingtonWomen 2017, we will explore the many aspects of this year’s theme, Bridges, through curated TED and TEDx Talks.

At this time of deep divides and global challenges on the rise, we will hear TED and TEdx Talks from entrepreneurs, innovators, artists and activists, thought leaders from business and civil society—bridge builders from around the world.

Join us!  We would like you to be part of this event!

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Event Speakers

Joan Ranquet

Animals in Transition, Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

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Jennifer Myers

Don’t Tell Me What You Did Wrong, Tell Me What You Do Right

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Madi Still

Using Pain As a Bridge To Discovering Your Purpose

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Victoria Schmidt

Taking Control of the Aging Process

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Ellen Moyer

We Really CAN Create a Sustainable World – Who Knew?

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Christy Whitman

You and Your Life Are Unlimited

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Sheryl Ziegler

Why Moms Are Miserable

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Erik Younger

Operation PTSD: veterans using meditation to heal their bodies and minds

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Rita S. Wilkins

Downsize Your Life: Why Less Is Really More

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Annie White

Why Miss Independent Can't Find Mr. Right

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Tamsen Webster

How to Bridge a Mental Gap

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Mitchell Walker

Money, the Magic Multiplier

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Alexia Vernon

A new paradigm for feminism

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Andrea Tinianow

The Power Of Making Connections

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Joyce Tannian

Singing Water out of the Ground in Kenya

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Ria Story

Bridges out of the Past

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Diana Simone

Amber Alert - The Power of Response - Ability

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Yolanda Schlabach

Bridge of Hope: A Survivor's Life After Human Trafficking

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Brenda K. Reynolds

Navigating Transition Fog

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Maureen Bridget Rabotin

The Culture of Fear: Facing it with Courage and Curiosity

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 Gabriela Pereira


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Joy McBrien

How women can run the world

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Rose Maina

Could there be a Pedophile hiding in your family tree and how Stranger Danger is the absolute wrong to tell children

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Daniel Lieberman

DOPAMINE. Driving Your Brain Into The Future

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Allison Koenig-Ford

Why Strong Girls Finish Last 

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Darnyelle A. Jervey

Burn the Box, Shift Your Life

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KK Hart

F-IT: Life Hacks to get your FIT together!

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Anna Gatmon

You Can Eat Your Cake and Have Enlightenment

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Tonya Fitzpatrick

Finding Truth in an Uncertain World

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Dana Dobson

Delusional Self Promotion: The Bridge from Ego to Empathy

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Kelli DiSabatino

Bridges: How a redevelopment subdivision plan changed my vision and commitment to build a better world,  a world of healing, hope, recovery and opportunity

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Joan DelFattore

Patients without Partners: Challenging Outdated Stereotypes About What It Means to Be Sick While Single

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Rita K. Chang

Redesign Our Future

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Tanya Barnett

I Found Myself When I Lost My Hair

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Sarah E. Brown

What my Job Taught Me about Finding a Romantic Partner

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Cindy Bo

Business Lessons Learned by Age Five, From My Immigrant Parents

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Kalliope Barlis

ClaustroPhobia Relief: From Fear to Freedom

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