soraya-formalfinalby Soraya MorganGutman

My TEDx talk is in less than three weeks and I FINALLY know what my BIG IDEA will be. Last night, I met with a dear friend, Kelley, and as we spoke, it became clear to me that more than hard work, intelligence, and, even kindness, is how we CONNECT to others. And it starts with our family. What does it matter if we do all the “right” things if we cannot AUTHENTICALLY CONNECT with those we love. Unlike computer code or mathematical formulas, there is no manual for positively touching the human spirit. To most of us, it is nebulous.

So my goal for those 12 short minutes will be to make that which seems “touchy feely” concrete and practical so anyone can do it. Absolutely anyone. All it requires is desire, focus and following the 3 steps I will share on October 27th at the World Cafe LIVE in Wilmington, Delaware. I still will talk about my family background—AS I HAVE SOME CULTURAL TIPS that have served me well and I hope will help others. But the focus – like a fire in my gut—will be on giving specific tools everyone can use to powerfully connect to anyone they need to connect to regardless of age, personality, temperament or background. And it will start with the first great connector, Queen Cleopatra; the last Pharaoh of Egypt. I will give facts about her that most people do not know and may find purposeful.

I have been asked to speak at many high performing companies and organizations to help leaders THRIVE by connecting better with their customers, high performing employees and themselves, but I have never been asked to share a BIG IDEA in 12 short minutes. I still don’t know EXACTLY how it will all come together but at least now, thanks to Kelley Kendle, I know THE HEART of what I will talk about. I may fail at this. The probability is actually very high. BUT as I tell my 9 year old daughter, Mila, I would rather try my BEST and FAIL than not try at all.