David Tuttlemanby David Tuttleman

When Ajit George first approached me about applying to speak at TEDx Wilmington 2016 I realized what a wonderful opportunity it was for me to share the story of my journey from believing that pot was something shady and self-indulgent to understanding the real human value of medical marijuana and helping to found Matrix NV, LLC, a company dedicated to growing high-grade medical marijuana and advancing cultivation technologies.

The process of applying to speak turned out to be a little more daunting than I expected. The questions on the form really made me think about my idea worth spreading and how I can have a positive impact on society with this talk. I created the required video in my office. Just me, telling the camera about my journey through being part of many businesses in many different industries, my need for constant change and my desire to reinvent myself over and over into a better and better person.

When I received the news that I had been selected to speak I was, of course, elated. Then I started reading the contract and realized this was a much more involved process than just getting on a stage and rambling on about my story for fifteen minutes. Ajit had an outline to drive speakers to success with deadlines for blogs and videos, talk bullet points and slides. Being the CEO of a startup and it being the beginning of summer, which means my wife and two small children and I have plans of building sandcastles and time enjoying being together, I knew this was not a venture I was going to succeed at alone.

I have learned through the course of my life that surrounding yourself with the right people makes you shine. So I reached out to Ajit and asked about a speaker coach. Dr Robyn Odegaard and I have had one meeting. We have already created an outline and I am feeling very confident about sharing my story and the amazing medical value of marijuana. I believe that is an idea worth spreading.