A dual citizen of Mexico and Croatia, Andrew was born and raised in Queretaro, Mexico. He graduated from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema-Television in 2010 and later obtained an MPA in Non-Profit Technology Management from the same institution.

An avid writer, filmmaker, and speaker, Andrew spent five years building technology solutions for nonprofit organizations (from college athletic departments to LGBT rights groups). Throughout that time, he also launched Teledipity.com, a self-improvement blog that grew to 16,000 subscribers and 270,000 visits from over 100 countries around the world.

This year, Andrew made the jump to turn Teledipity into the world’s first artificial intelligence life coach. With the help of his blog subscribers, private investors, and the Startup with IBM program, he secured the necessary funding to develop the mobile application (which will recommend podcasts, books, and online courses based on your stated objectives). The application is expected to launch next year.

A self-described “spiritual-but-not-religious” millennial, his work has always experimented with spiritual thinking inside a secular world-view (and its immense power as a motivational tool rather than a solution to life’s ambiguity). He is on a mission to use this novel approach to improve the reach and retention of online learning tools such as e-courses, e-books, audiobooks, and podcasts.

With the concept for Teledipity, Andrew won the StartOUT Smart Pilot Scholarship program to attend and graduate from the Founder Institute accelerator in 2013. He was also one of the 10 finalists at the USC Stevens Center for Innovation Showcase that same year.