Andrew Gomory is the Chief Executive Officer of Lingraphica, a leading provider of speech-generating devices and therapy, and practice apps aimed toward helping those who have lost their voice due to stroke, or other brain trauma reengage with families, friends, and communities. He leads all product development for the company, setting a long-term goal of making speech rehabilitation available to a broader audience than currently has access to it.
During his 10-year tenure as CEO of Lingraphica, Gomory’s leadership and entrepreneurial acumen moved the company from one with a single product to a cutting-edge organization that delivers industry-leading, multi-faceted solutions for people with aphasia, a condition defined as the loss of language due to stroke, or brain injury.

According to Gomory, “The fundamental thing a person with aphasia needs is a lifetime of inexpensive and continuous therapy. What they generally receive now is a few months of intensive speech therapy with clinicians. And then they are simply on their own. Our vision is to create tools people with aphasia can use to reengage with their families, friends, and communities. We won’t stop at simply helping people cope with aphasia; rather we want to help them improve and overcome throughout their lifetimes.”