Brenda is a sought-after business and change management consultant, coach, and facilitator who has advised hundreds of major corporations, nonprofits and organizations for over 20 years on how to manage the people side of change. Her clients include McDonald’s, Special Olympics, Sherwin Williams, and the Nemours Pediatric Health System.

Brenda’s work is based on the premise that “plan A is an illusion, so we need to get good at plan Be”— learning how to be with the uncertainty we cycle through time and again at work and in our personal lives.

As an inspiring change agent, Brenda draws on her extensive consulting and personal experiences to equip individuals and organizations with easy-to-apply strategies for navigating through and managing complex transitions.

Brenda is known as a “now what?” expert and author of TBD-To Be Determined: Leading with Clarity and Confidence in Uncertain Times. She’s also the creator of the “Now What?Transformation™ Clarity Card Deck, a tool for anyone wanting to move through a life or business transition meaningfully, mindfully, and positively.

Brenda holds a Masters degree in Organization Development from American University and a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education and Communication. However, her most significant degree is in life experience — where she’s learned from teaching 8th and 9th graders, moving from a small town to the suburbs of Philadelphia, holding two corporate leadership roles, making it through two scary pre-term labors, being an entrepreneur, single parenting, embracing life after divorce, doing mission work in South Africa, and guiding others who are dealing with work and life uncertainties.

Brenda is a frequent radio guest, Vistage presenter, and keynote speaker whose passion is helping others turn their “now what?” into “why not!” Her two grown sons are living proof that amazing things can result from uncertain times.