Cynthia L. Dougherty, Ph.D. is a Mind Performance Coach, Keynote Speaker and is the CEO and founder of Grateful Peace Of Mind LLC.  Her wisdom comes from her training as a Wellness and Life Coach, Certified Meditation ad Mindfulness Teacher and a Certified School Psychologist.  

Dr. Dougherty holds a Ph.D. in Human and Child Development, Master degree’s in Both Family Therapy and Psychology, Certificate in Neuropsychology and a Certificates in Neuroplasticity Training.
Over the past two decades of perfecting her skills, Cynthia has practiced in a wide variety of settings including a clinical practice, schools, hospitals and major corporations.  Dr. Dougherty has taken her passion for neuroscience, mindfulness training and corporate systems and demystifies and translates concepts into a new practical level of understanding. 
She is dedicated to guiding clients from challenges and stress to building inner strengths and resources and hardwiring them into the nervous system. Delivering strategies to change the mind and brain for the better! 
  She has helped thousands of people reduce their stress and increase their productivity both at home and in the workplace. Cynthia offers corporate and individual training and executive coaching, that guides clients to overcome seemingly insurmountable problems quickly and easily.  Her proven resiliency and re-wiring performance program opens doors to profound outcomes, by opening the minds of her clients to the alternatives that are available to them right now.
Dr. Dougherty is a contributing author in the book, Miami’s Breast Cancer Experts(2015), with her chapter “Mindfulness and Positive Rewiring of our Thoughts” and the authorof the International Best-selling book, Lost Found and Rewired.
Dr. Dougherty has entrepreneur background in the nutraceutical area, having a successful product on QVC. In the spirit of empowerment, well-being and self-love,  Cynthia is launching a monthly subscription wellness box in early 2019.