Dominick Quartuccio is an international speaker, executive coach and author of Design Your Future: 3 Steps to Stop Drifting and Take Command of Your Life. 

After a decorated 15-year career with Prudential Financial, Dominick left the corner office behind to start his own practice in early 2016.
In the corporate space, Dominick’s clients are leaders of Fortune 500 financial services, pharmaceutical, insurance and healthcare firms who are tasked with leading organizational change initiatives.
You will find him on stages in places like Sydney, Dubai and Las Vegas teaching leaders how to lead change through his Start With You: Embody Change Before Asking Others To program.
Outside of the corporate space, Dominick’s primary passion is calling men forward to design a new definition of what it means to be a modern man, with an emphasis on exploring sexual histories, expanding emotional capacities and honoring the women in their lives.
Dominick is the co-founder of The Man Amongst Menpodcast and The Discerning Dick: Sexual Wisdom for the Modern Man workshops run in New York City.
Dominick is just as likely to sit in silent meditation for 10 days as he is to complete a 100-consecutive pushup challenge.
He is an avid reader and shamelessly addicted to Bulletproof Coffee, Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter and ripe avocados.