Dr. Kien Vuu is a multi-faceted physician carving a distinctive path integrating traditional allopathic approaches with holistic, alternative, and lifestyle medicine. His passion for using the power of the mind as a healing tool has fueled his avocations as a professor, motivational speaker, author, entertainer and philanthropist.

Dr. Vuu is clinical professor of medicine at the UCLA – David Geffen School of Medicine, and has previously served as the chief of Thoracic Imaging and Interventions and Regional Director Lung Cancer Task Force at Kaiser Permanente, and chief of Interventional Oncology at Providence Saint Joseph’s Medical Center.

Among his key passions is the Live Again Project, a nonprofit he founded that helps connect and transform the world through the stories of cancer patients.  He’s also the creator of Behind the White Coat, a fresh take on health in a talk show format blending medicine, health, comedy, and a little Hollywood.

Dr. Vuu has authored numerous scientific peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and has spoken all over the world on topics including genomics, molecular imaging, and novel oncologic therapies.  He is also a inspirational speaker who speaks on health empowerment, alternative therapies, futuristic biohacking, and the epigenetics of purpose, community, and laughter.

Dr. Vuu’s professional accomplishments are even more impressive against the backdrop of his personal story – an infant boat refugee with dysentery and rickets is the only surviving infant on an eight-month boat trip from Vietnam that leads him to a Philippine refugee camp and then to America – where his family starts their new life penniless.
A common thread to Dr. Vuu’s personal and profession life is his belief that previously unattainable levels of energy, happiness and well being are possible through proper mindset, lifestyle, and integrative approaches. In his words, his mission is “to elevate the health of the world and assist in the elimination of chronic disease” through the power of media, television, and social media.