An award-winning science documentary film writer, a biomedical science writer, journalist, and best-selling author, Wendy Leonard, PhD, MPH, elevates translating medical jargon into lay-friendly language to a whole new level: she demystifies it in a way that intrigues, excites, and builds confidence. 

A passion for empowering others, her books include: Color Yourself Smart: Human Anatomy – a scientifically rigorously, fun-to-read and color human anatomy book; the Utterly, Completely, and Totally Useless, Science Facto-O-Pedia– where she provides nearly 2000 facts covering 23 fields of science deciphering everything from amino acids to why knuckles crack, to nuclear fission (which she does in just 5 easy bullet points!); and, the WomenHeart All Heart Family Cookbook – where she illuminates the science, and cool-to-know facts, behind 40 cardio-protective foods.  

Wendy was honored to be an invited speaker for the National Institutes of Health’s 2016 Intramural Training and Education Division’s “Science and the Media” symposium. She has authored hundreds of medical education and marketing pieces for print, online, and video; and, the science documentary she wrote, Zebrafish: Practically People – Transforming How We Study Disease, continues to garner national and international nominations and awards – including the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, in France! 

Known for her signature engaging, yet authoritative writing style, Wendy was inducted into the National Press Club in 1994. She’s a member of the American Public Health Association, 500 Women Scientists DC, and resides in the Agricultural Reserve, outside of Washington, DC.