Whether it’s behind the lens or in front of a computer, Errol Ebanks brings his passion, teaching, and expertise to his clients and the community he serves. Born in New York, Errol’s thirst for knowledge of everything photography and tech came about a decade ago.

Within that decade of graduating Wilmington University with a bachelor’s in media design, Errol started his own photography business in Delaware known as Errol E Photography. To this day he follows the motto of, “Every Moment Deserves A Better Picture and Every Great Picture Tells A Better Story.”

While creating those moments, Errol found another moment that inspired him to understand an ever-changing world in technology. Working for a renowned tech company, Errol values every interaction with the people he meets on a day to day basis. Understanding even one percent of technology, can open someone’s mind to things they never thought were possible.

Through his photography, Errol had the opportunity to work with many amazing organizations like YMCA of Delaware, Goodwill of Delaware, Junior Achievement of Delaware, and Autism of Delaware.