Frankie Bonilla is the current Assistant Principal at El Centro de Estudiantes Big Picture Philadelphia. El Centro is a Philadelphia alternative Project Based Learning school which practices the Big Picture Learning model. As the Project Based Learning coach Frankie has aided and facilitated the planning and execution of school wide projects. These Projects are designed with the intent of maximizing the students potential through creative and innovative outcomes.

Frankie Bonilla is one of the founding teachers/advisors of the Workshop School. While at the Workshop School, Mr. Bonilla facilitated the building of two multimedia recording studios. While at the Workshop School he was under the mentorship of Simon Hauger. During his tenure at the Workshop School, Frankie honed in his creative approach to academics by transitioning from a Hip Hop curriculum based approach to a wider creativity based model.  This was the transition to an educational philosophy with a focus on the multisensory expression of academics through creativity, by combining traditional methods of communication like, rhythm, spoken word, dance and the written language along with apps like Keynote, Garageband, iMovie and YouTube.
As a member of the Big Picture Learning network, Frankie Bonilla has successfully executed Project Based Learning workshops in the last three Big Picture Learning International Conferences on Student Centered Learning. In addition, this past July Mr. Bonilla led a group of students, teachers and alum on a leaving to learn expedition to Twelve Music Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. During this learning expedition first time studio attendees wrote, produced and recorded an original song that has been featured on numerous Big Picture Learning Networks.
 Mr. Bonilla began his teaching career in the Philadelphia Public School system after graduating with a B.A. in Elementary & Early Childhood Ed from Temple University in 2002.