Gabriela Pereira is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur who wants to challenge the status quo of higher education.
Specializing in a self-guided approach to learning, she is the instigator and founder of, the do-it-yourself alternative to a Masters degree in writing. She has made it her mission to educate writers, designers, and artists at various stages of their careers, and empower them to take an entrepreneurial path to learning and professional growth.
Drawing from her experience in various fields—books and publishing, psychology research, graphic design, and the toy industry—Gabriela’s courses and talks challenge people to share their creative gifts, motivate them to strive for excellence in their craft, and challenge them to go beyond their artistic comfort zones. Her high-energy teaching style and quirky humor offset her content-rich, nuts and bolts presentations. An entrepreneurial version of Mary Poppins, she uses fun, playful keynotes and presentations to engage and captivate her audience, all the while discussing complex concepts or technical elements of writing and creativity.
Whether she’s giving a keynote at a college campus, presenting at a national marketing conference or even teaching poetry to first graders, her goal is always the same: empower people to share their creative gifts, motivate them to strive for excellence in their craft, and challenge them to go beyond their artistic comfort zones.
Gabriela earned her MFA in Creative Writing from The New School, has an MA in Developmental Psychology from Cornell University, and is the author of DIY MFA: WRITE WITH FOCUS, READ WITH PURPOSE, BUILD YOUR COMMUNITY (Writer’s Digest Books, 2016). She is the host of DIY MFA Radio, a popular podcast where she interviews bestselling authors and she and teaches at national conferences, regional workshops, and online.