Vaidyanathan, SVP and Chief Scientist of Quantum Leap Innovations, has a successful track record and significant experience in delivering innovative
solutions to solve complex problems using technology, data and multi-disciplinary concepts. Formerly a Senior Research Associate with DuPont, he is the inventor of the proprietary InfoEvolve™ suite of data mining tools based on the marriage of information theory with genetic algorithms and has developed a significant patent estate around signal processing, multi-variate data fusion and analysis, pattern discovery and adaptive image analysis, with 18 patents awarded to date.

In his research, he has extended Shannon’s original ideas on information theory as applied to electronic signals to multi-dimensional data sources for informative data reduction leading to improved analysis.

At Quantum Leap, he is leading the development of the Quantum Leap Analyst Pattern-Based Analytics platform that can identify, analyze and understand information-rich data within a big data environment, perform scalable predictive analysis on big data and generate and test hypotheses on big data using automatically discovered patterns. Dr. Vaidyanathan earned his PhD in Physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his BA in Physics from Princeton University.