Grace Nordmeyer is a sophomore at Ursuline Academy in Wilmington, Delaware, where she has lived her entire life. This is where Grace developed the view that one should not be judged on a letter grade alone but rather the person as a whole. Grace has led her life in accordance to her faith and attempts to portray her faith by volunteering and helping those in need. She volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House, her church, and at Special Olympics events. Grace has a goal of traveling to another country to help the poor and provide for them. She recently visited the Cayman Islands and Mexico where she found a love for travelling and hopes to travel the world in her future. Grace has a strong focus on her family from where she has gained her athletic abilities. She currently plays volleyball, track and field, and golf but had grown up playing basketball and softball. Recently, she has found an interest in photography and hopes to continue capturing life through her pictures. Grace also plans to attend college and has a goal of becoming a Physical Therapist.