Jamie Kleman dreamed of writing clever rhymes that would inspire readers. Jamie has been able to realize her dream through the books she has written for children, including It’s Not Mean to be Green – a story Kleman also adapted to the stage as a full length musical.

The DuPont Theatre called Jamie with an opportunity for her story to come to life on stage. After a year of tackling everything from song writing to set design, Jamie watched as her monsters educated and entertained thousands of children. She gave these creepy characters that typically evoke chills and screams the chance to be positive and form a Green Team: Frankenstein, Greenella the Witch, Solar, Finn the Swamp Monster, and Trevor Evermore the Vampire.

It’s Not Mean to be Green the Musical sold out for three consecutive days at The DuPont Theatre and continued to tour for two years. Learn about Jamie’s A Bigger Boat Foundation (Read More) – www.abiggerboat.org, a nonprofit that develops projects to inspire and educate children, and helps them become responsible stewards of environmental, personal, and social issues. Kleman has also signed on as a Channel Director and Correspondent for GreenTV.com, a premier platform that promotes awareness and provides dynamic updates on all green news.