Author of seven books on leadership and mentoring and 25 children’s books, Patnaude is a teacher, speaker, composer, business leader and Executive Mentor. Recognized as one of the pioneers in bringing together the marketplace and Spirit @Work, The Patnaude Group’s focus and professional dedication, now in its fourth decade has centered on the most pressing issues facing our culture today: work/life flow, developing mentors for The Greater Good, creating healthy work environments where people thrive and teaching and coaching others toward developing them as transformational leaders.


With degrees in psychology, theology and education, Jeff’s approach to teaching is unique in that he works from the “inside out,” extracting the best qualities from each individual and then teaching them how to re-create behavior for maximum performance. From coaching startups to serving transformational conglomerates like Cisco Systems as their first vendor since 1991, Patnaude has helped shape some of the world’s most influential companies. He has trained and mentored over 40,000 business leaders in multiple organizations and has been described as “the Leonard Bernstein of leadership development” by gaining an international reputation for his ability to orchestrate environments for transformation.(


Patnaude’s Wingspan Foundation ( is currently preparing for an initiative for training 150,000 mentors using his ground breaking program, The Habits of Heroes, 12  Practices of the Mentor – Teach to Learn- ( Focusing on nine cultural venues from Transitioning Veterans to Single Parents, volunteers will help change our world by mentoring cohorts of those interested in life change and making a difference.