Jordana Wright has spent many years behind a camera, creating images featuring the dynamic beauty of the world around her. Her love of making images has carried her around the world, granted her access to exciting and rarely photographed locations, and shaped her into a social media powerhouse and rising star on Google+. Since being invited to Google+ as an early adopter in 2011, Jordana has been empowered by the influence of social media on the photographic community.
As a co-creator and designer of the very first Google Photowalk, Jordana has had unique access to beta programs, technology like Google Glass, and other emerging advancements that continue to shape the world of interactive sharing. She continues to build the photography community on Google+ by sharing her abilities and her knowledge both online, and by hosting dozens of photowalks every year.

Over 100 Google+ photographers, scattered across the country, rallied around the American By Rail project to join Jordana and participate in photowalks to build friendships, and grow as photographers. This is when Jordana first realized the extent of social media’s potential to shape the future of photography.

Jordana Wright Photography is in its 7th successful season, and is expanding its services to include vineyard, resort, and luxury lifestyle photography, along with its current offerings of fine art, food photography, the occasional wedding, and portraiture.