Phobia Relief Expert Kalliope Barlis has helped thousands of people overcome their fears and bad memories to gain more freedom and be better people themselves—as partners, parents, students, athletes, workers, and more. Her national bestseller, Play Golf Better Faster: From Weekend Golfer to Pro Golfer in Two Years, guides players into optimizing their golf game dramatically in a short amount of time, using the same skills she used to become a professional golfer.

Over the past twenty years of perfecting her skills, Kalliope has helped thousands of people gain freedom from their fears and bad memories. Her newest book, Phobia Relief: From Fear to Freedom, reached international bestseller status. She has demonstrated on major media outlets how she enhances people’s lives, quickly. Most, if not all, who have been touched by Kalliope’s skills instantly express greater well-being.

Through training others in her personal/professional development seminars (which include high-level, ethical uses of Neuro-Linguistic Programming), participants learn that how we think influences how we feel, which directs our ability to perform our best—even through challenging times. All of Kalliope’s students agree, in writing, that she offers a high level of training complete with engaging story-telling that makes feeling good more familiar than feeling bad.

Because Kalliope has a sincere interest in making this world a better place, one by one, she has also guided people privately—from foster children to celebrities—to build a better world for themselves, starting with how they think inside their mind, making every moment more manageable, pleasurable, and worthy of their gift called life.