Lisa Mims is a fifth grade teacher. She began her teaching career in Brooklyn, NY in 1984, until she moved to Delaware in 1998. There, she began teaching in the Colonial School District in Delaware, and is still in the classroom, pursuing her passion.

In addition to teaching, Lisa is also an edtech presenter, sharing innovative edtech resources with educators all over the country. She is an ambassador/mentor for a number of edtech resources that are used in classrooms all over the world. Lisa has created a YouTube video series, “Techfully Yours”, where she guides teachers through the use of a variety of edtech resources.

She is the author of the edublog, “Diary of a Public School Teacher”, which showcases lesson plans, edtech, and education issues. She has also written guest blogs and articles for a number of magazines and education websites. Lisa founded Pen Pals Who WRITE, connecting hundreds of teachers and classes all over the world as pen pals. For years, her fifth graders have been pen pals with the Wilmington University Women’s Basketball team in Delaware, writing letters and developing a relationship with the young ladies who play.

Lisa is a member of the Rodel Teacher Council, a group of teacher-leaders who advocate for policy changes in education. She is also a member of the education sorority, the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa Inc./RHO Chapter. She is the recipient of numerous awards for the innovative methods she has used to engage her students.

She is a firm believer in using social media as a way to connect with teachers all over the world through her Twitter, Facebook, and Voxer accounts, thus giving her a world view of education. Most recently, Mrs. Mims’ class was featured in The News Journal and Channel 6 because she brought STEAM into her classroom via drones she won on Twitter.

Lisa is a true believer in teaching the whole child. She believes, and has always adhered to, the fact that building relationships and making connections with each and every child is nonnegotiable.

Rita Pierson said it best, “Every child deserves a champion!” and that what Lisa Mims strives to be for every child she meets.