Markevis Gideon is a native of Wilmington, Delaware and is the founder of NERDiT NOW, LLC. At age the age of 12 Markevis was given the opportunity to work on computers when a teacher from Talley Middle School presented him with a room full of computers and told him to do with it as he please. That was just the beginning his interest further developed as he participated at the Computer Network Administration Program at Howard High School. During this time he was able to gain several Microsoft Certifications and work at MBNA.  

Following his high school graduation Markevis attended Widener University where he began studying Computer Science. While in school he was working 40 hours a week at Geek Squad, while running a computer company “ConnectU” and selling used cars out of his university parking lot. He thought to himself why should I have to work so hard to pay for school? Instead of excelling academically he was failing all of his classes due to his hectic work schedule. Once Markevis reached the point that dropping out of college seemed like his only option he met with the president of Widener University who changed his world for the better. 

Long story short Markevis did not only stay in school but he graduated on time with two degrees in accounting and computer science. It was because of Widener he was able to visit China for one month, which is why he decided to move to china after graduation and live there for 5 years.  

Today Markevis is back in Delaware and running his small business NERDiT NOW. He began his company 3 years ago in his 2-bedroom apartment and now has a storefront with 2 fleet vehicles. He contributes a lot of his success to his education/experiences gathered through high school, college and life in China. He often donates computers to the community for he says “Its his goal to donate the communities that have given so much to me!”