Michelle Nagel’s path to becoming a Intuitive Change Guide became clear at an early age. In observing the world around her, she could see so many people struggling with issues of self-esteem and self-worth because of the negative programming of their childhood. Having gone through those same struggles, it became her passion to help others heal, using the shortcuts she learned during her own healing journey.

She is a proven professional who guides clients past being stuck, overwhelmed, and eliminating the superwoman syndrome. With over 15 years of experience working with amazing clients with similar worries and concerns and guiding them to achieving remarkable success, her mission and commitment is to be an empowering personal change guide who fuses science with systematic and intuitive healing to achieve the Soul Shift™ which empowers and inspires others as we all work toward creating a safe, loving, and harmonious world.
Over the years, Michelle’s expertise has been honed with accomplishments such as authoring the bestselling book, Suffering is Optional: Step Out of Darkness Into the Light, coauthoring the international bestsellerThe Light at the End of the Funnel, Certifying as a HeartMathTMTrainer, Certifying in the Canfield Methodology for Success Principles, 30+ years of teaching people ranging in age from 18 months to 104 years old, a Master Herbalist degree from the School of Natural Healing, training in Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT), SHEN, The Emotion Code, and The Body Code, and serving hundreds of happy clients. As a speaker, she has delighted audiences of every size with a blend of authenticity, vulnerability, and intuitive insights. She is the host of the podcast ROAR to Win.
Michelle has made guest appearances on Princeton TV, multiple radio stations, podcasts, and has been endorsed by Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles. She is also featured in the movie, The Staff of Mercury – Why We Get Sick and How to Avoid It!
Michelle’s family is the most important thing in the world to her – her WHYfor doing the work she does – which is to make the world a happier and safer place for everyone in it.
With the help of her family, Michelle has remodeled several houses, built a studio and a barn. One restoration, a house that was built in 1914, was in such bad shape when they started, the neighbor said they should have a housewarming, and use real matches! The completed project was gorgeous. Wielding either a hammer or a microphone, Michelle puts her whole heart into every project she takes on.
Nature and connection with the earth has always been a part of Michelle’s sacred path, and she can often be found outdoors – biking, kayaking, hiking, and walking barefoot on the cold Oregon beaches.