•  Communications & Accelerated Learning Expert
•  Master Trainer & Founder of The LIGMO Institute
•  Best Selling Author & Emancipation Coach


Millicent St. Claire’s mission is to illuminate hearts and minds using innovative educational tools and resources for personal and professional growth with an emphasis on positive living, emotional-management and character education.  We are Human by Birth and Enlightened by Choice.


Seasoned Seminar Leader, Inspirational Speaker and Author, Millicent St. Claire uses her groundbreaking book Simply Ridiculous and the LIGMO (Let It Go, Move On) process to help students, women and business professionals let go of self-limiting beliefs and behaviors and have a new experience of themselves.


Organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control, Local Government Agencies and Universities bring Millicent back time and time again as her message is inspirational, timely and relevant.

Formal training in Accelerated Learning, PhotoReading, Hypnotherapy, NLP, HeartMath, and other sciences of the mind, assures that Millicent’s programs introduce breakthrough discoveries in neural and cognitive sciences. Audiences rave about their personal breakthroughs and the lasting impact of this simple and powerful program.

Having overcome tremendous personal life challenges, Millicent’s dynamic mix of innovative learning techniques and authentic sharing results in an inspiring program that delivers results! She creates an interaction-rich, learner-centered space that connects people to who they are beyond the familiar known paradigms, worn out cultural constructs and conditioned behaviors.


This LIGMO Luminary has a friendly, animated and girlish style that just might surprise you as she opens hearts and minds in a lighthearted and miraculous way.


Millicent travels extensively, speaking and training at businesses, organizations, and colleges as well as private and public workshops.

Fun!  Relevant!  Unforgettable!