No dream is too small. This very idea is consistently reflected in Olivia O’Donnell’s work as a high school student and leader in her community.

As a child, Olivia had always wished to be an active and vocal member of the global community, advocating for others who lacked a platform. In addition to pursuing a challenging academic curriculum during her middle and high school years, she was lucky enough to pursue her childhood endeavors of helping those who needed it the most. Whether it is developing a column on her school newspaper devoted to civic engagement and race relations in the U.S., or funding and developing a multi-tiered, spherical urban garden to provide free and locally sourced vegetables for low-income families, she has sought to bring awareness and solutions about current injustices.

During the week, you can find Olivia engaged at a local non-profit as a tutor for young students or reading numerous articles published by the New York Times. She hopes that one day she can use her talents to start her own non-profit or pursue a career in law or politics; in whatever case, Olivia hopes that by remaining an active and diligent citizen, she can nurture change in the right direction.