Patrick teaches local high school children architecture and admits to being a serial foodie with a penchant for research and experimentation. He earned as B.S. and M.A. at Virginia Tech, and completed a Ph.D. in education in 2004. Patrick, his wife, Lisa, and their two sons Wally and Quentin own and operate Obis One LLC, an inventive food specialty company and organic 18-acre farm at Obisquahassit in New Jersey. Their flagship product, organic black garlic, is truly making a mark in the culinary, flavoring and seasoning markets for its umami attributes and health benefits. With seven invented products within 3 years and more in their research pipeline, Patrick has already positioned Obis One as the largest “grow to market” artisan producer of organic black garlic in North America. One of his wildly popular inventions is “Black Crack”, a very versatile, flavor-packed, dehydrated, on-demand black garlic product with seemingly limitless uses as a flavor enhancer.