Called “one of the smartest guys you never heard of on anything financial,” by Herb Greenberg of CNBC, Peter is the president of Financial Insyghts, a consulting firm that advises institutional investors, corporations, and public policymakers on how social mood affects decision making and the markets.
After a successful career in financial services, including thirteen years with JPMorgan building the firm’s asset-backed securities, business, and executive leadership roles at First USA, Bank One and Juniper, Peter turned his attention to socionomics – how changes in social mood alter human behavior. Today, through his firm, Financial Insyghts, he brings a practical understanding of the world of finance, coupled with a keen awareness of human decision making, enabling his clients to easily see changing behavioral trends ahead of the market.

Peter teaches an honors colloquium at the University of Delaware, “Social Mood, Decision Making and the Markets” and he is the author of “Moods and Markets” (FTPress), which provides specific practical insights for investors on how changes in confidence drive the capital markets. Peter’s research on confidence-driven decision making has been profiled by Gillian Tett in the Financial Times and Rana Foroohar in Time Magazine.